Sitala is a drum plugin and standalone app

Sitala‘s beauty is simplicity. It‘s fast and musical. Six knobs. Sixteen pads. Drag and drop. Playable like instrument.

New in Sitala 2.0 — Released September 29, 2023:

Apple Silicon Support

All plug-in formats and our standalone run natively on Apple Silicon.

4x4 Layout

Sitala now defaults to an MPC-style 4x4 layout.

Instant Missing Sample Finder

Finds moved samples instantly. Uses Spotlight or Windows Search automatically in the background.

Dark Mode

Sitala now follows the system settings for dark or light modes.

New Hip Hop and Retro Factory Kits

In addition to our 808 kit, Sitala now adds the Future Retro Pop and Hip Hop Ultra factory kits.

VST v3

Sitala now ships VST v2 and VST v3 plugins.

There's more new stuff! Sound preview in sample browser, gated mode for each pad, globally mappable MIDI controls, pad selection using MIDI, copy and paste pads, better shape knob mechanics!

There's this other thing. Sitala costs $20 now. Why? Because otherwise we can't keep spending as much time on it as we have in the last few years. More here. You can buy a Sitala license here.

Sitala‘s Features Include:

16 Assignable Pads

Use one of our built-in kits or your own sounds. Each sample is analyzed for dynamics and pitch, which makes the controls more intuitive and musical.

You can save the kits you create to your user kits library.

Drag and Drop Sound Management

Drop single samples or groups of samples onto Sitala’s pads.

Easily rearrange kits

Move samples around, copy and swap pads with ease.

Save your creations to the user kits library and quickly access any frequently used kits.

Beat slicing

Individual hits are automatically detected, and can be sliced out to a series of Sitala pads.


Adjust the attack, length and sustain of your sounds while the overall volume remains constant.


Make your sounds punchier with more sustain. Automatic gain makeup maintains the overall volume while chainging dynamics.


Pitch sounds up or down by up to one octave while showing you exactly where the current sound falls in the frequency spectrum.


Emphasizes the highs or lows in a sound. Accentuate or scoop the midrange to position the sound in the mix. Adapts based on the pitch content of each sound.

Volume / Pan

Adjust the sound’s overall volume and place it either to the left or right in the stereo mix.

Editable MIDI Map

MIDI learn sets up triggers for each of Sitala’s pads and mappings for each control value.

Default mappings are provided for chromatic pitches, white keys or General MIDI.

Built-In File Browser

The new file browser is available either via a drop down in the sound preview or by right clicking on the pads.

Preview All Samples in a Folder

Use arrow buttons to cycle through all samples in the current folder.

Automatic Multi-Out in Reaper

Setting Reaper to multi-out mode automatically puts Sitala into multi-out mode and channel names are kept in sync with Sitala's pad names.

VST, AudioUnit, AAX and Standalone

Available in the two most popular plugin formats, as well as AAX for Pro Tools and a standalone application. Multi-out is supported with one stereo channel per pad for all plugin formats.


Version 2.0 Build 2.0.1 September 29, 2023

This release requires a license. Buy one for $20 here. We've dropped Win32 and Linux suport in this release. Details are in our FAQ. Our old version is still available for free.